Wooden Pants Publishing Radio Interview

I’ve always had this thing about my voice. I’m sure we all have it to some extent, but I really dislike hearing it recorded. On top of that, to be completely honest, I’m really an introvert who isn’t a big fan of people a lot of the time. This being said, I love a good conversation and have been known to step out of my comfort zone a time or two to be engaged in one of those worthwhile conversations. I had one such opportunity a couple of weeks ago to promote my debut novel All of Me, All of You (Transcendent Publishing, 2017) with Richard Keller of Wooden Pants Publishing & Media on their pod-cast.

Five days a week, they pay tribute to authors of all genres as well as those who are part of the author and publishing journey. They give us the opportunity to open up about our books and writing lives. The questions asked are thought provoking and leave enough unsaid to encourage the listeners to want to find out even more about the author and book(s) they have written.

Here is a small snippet from the Wooden Pants Publishing & Media website about what they do:

“At Wooden Pants Publishing & Media we empower you to embrace your creative soul and publish a book through simplicity, our knowledge of the publishing world and encouragement. We do this because we recognize the potential in you to craft a wonderful and best-selling tale that will impress readers around the globe.”  

During my interview, Richard started out by warning the audience that the interview may sound rushed as I was quite nervous during the recording. And yes, I was extremely nervous. I’m not a great public speaker and I sometimes let my nerves get the best of me, but I had to laugh when I did finally have the opportunity to listen to the interview with a good friend of mine. I realized that I am simply a fast talker. I hadn’t noticed it in my day-to-day life (although I was told in elementary school that I needed to slow down and enunciate my words more clearly), that I spoke so quickly or matter-of-factly. In both of our opinions, I didn’t sound nervous, it was simply how I speak in regular conversation. It is certainly a take away for me from this first (hopefully of many) radio interviews, as well as for my every day conversations that I may have with people who aren’t accustomed to the way I talk. (but I am still laughing and cringing a little at my quick, overly explanatory responses! LOL)

I really enjoyed the time I had speaking with Richard and I can’t wait to be back again once my second novel is finished. He provides and huge opportunity and exposure for authors and from all of us authors I say, “Thank you!”.

To listen to my radio interview click here.

To find out more about Wooden Pants Publishing & Media and the opportunities they have for writers of all levels and backgrounds, please visit their website here.

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