Solace in Monotony

We get stuck in the monotony of every day life. The days go by, many just like the ones before them and before we know it we’ve missed the opportunity to make not just moments special, but days, weeks and months as well. Life gets tiring: the daily grind of getting up early, dealing with the kids (whether they are fur babies or human babies), going to work, housework, commute, then social commitments, all while paralleling with your spouse, partner or maybe just by yourself and then go to bed and repeat tomorrow.

We create the monotony in our lives. We allow our lives to become boring and predictable, forgetting that to be alive, we need to live, not just survive each day. We forget to embrace and engage in the small victories of everyday life. We forget that TODAY is worth making special, not just yesterday and not tomorrow.

Telling ourselves that we need to live in the moment is easier said than done, but it is doable. Here are a few tips to make today just as special as yesterday and tomorrow:

Stop every so often just to take in the scene around you. You could be in the middle of a meeting at work, at the park with your dog, playing in the back yard with your kids, enjoying a cup of coffee or even just sitting in traffic. Whatever you are doing, pause… What do you see? What do you hear? What are you feeling? All your senses are working, whether you know it or not, and there are pieces that we are missing because we’re just trying to ‘get through’ the moment. Pay attention to how a moment is making you feel. Are you uncomfortable? Agitated? Content? Listening to how your body is feeling in these small moments will help you to create a more satisfying life overall by allowing you to see where you can eliminate stress or do more of what makes you feel content.

Put words to those feelings you want to stuff down inside. We are so busy getting from point A to point B in our lives that we don’t often allow ourselves the opportunity to name, label and confront the feelings we have during situations. If you can, write down what you’re feeling during, or immediately after, a situation has occurred. If doing so right away isn’t an option, try to recount how you felt later. This doesn’t have to be a negative situation either. Putting words to the situations that make you feel happy, aroused and elated are important as well. The more feelings we can identify, the more authentically we can participate in the situations that arise in your life. Not into writing the traditional way with a pen and paper? Use a voice-to-text app on your phone or a word document on your computer.

Take solace in the consistency of everyday life. Do you have your coffee at the same time every morning? Do your kids wake you up at the same time no matter the day of the week? Does your spouse or partner forget to do that one thing you keep asking them to do? It’s ok! It’s ok to be frustrated by these things, but it’s also ok to appreciate the predictability of these situations as well. There is something to be said for consistency. Appreciate that your life is in such a place that you are able to create the uncomfortableness in it when you’re good and ready!

Above all, simply take time to notice the little things in your life: what your coffee smells like when brewing, your cat’s fur on your fingertips, the smell of the morning dew as you walk to your car. We may have created the monotony in our lives, but we have the opportunity to create awareness and appreciation for all the little things that make our lives special.

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