Back to it!

Though I haven’t been the most present or attentive to my blog lately (or website, or Twitter, or Facebook, or studying appropriate amounts, or letter writing to my grandmother!), I have been slowly getting back into it. One thing I’ve been playing around with is flash fiction. If you’re not familiar with the term, flash fiction is very short, often with a word count of between 100 and 500 words. I like the idea of getting a story out of me, and I love the challenge of not being able to be wordy with my descriptions. It has made me focus on vocabulary and the punch of the images and ideas I want to convey. Here is a link to my flash fiction story Float that I had accepted to Electric Press’s February edition of their online literary magazine (I’m on page 27)! Enjoy! (And check back here again soon. This year is going to be full of interesting stories, honest confessions, and a bigger online presence!)

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