If you had asked me 15 years ago what success looked like to me, one of two things would have happened: 1. I wouldn’t have been able to answer the question and I would have laughed it off. I’d have changed the subject, asked what it looked like to you then excused myself with needing … Continue reading Success


We get stuck in the monotony of every day life. The days go by, many just like the ones before them and before we know it we’ve missed the opportunity to make not just moments special, but days, weeks and months as well. Life gets tiring: the daily grind of getting up early, dealing with … Continue reading Monotony

Authors for Authors

There is nothing better than seeing authors support authors. We are the backbone for each other in this profession. We offer encouraging words when we’ve been rejected and feeling down. We offer praise and congratulations when our hard work finally pays off. Being able to support each other as writers has become easier with the … Continue reading Authors for Authors