“Only this moment mattered – right now. There was nothing else on their minds as they stared at each other.”

Waiting on the Other Side of Clarity:
Book 2 of the Broken Circles Series
Wooden Pants Publishing

“I really enjoyed seeing Emily step into herself…the pacing and the flow of the novel was well executed. The novel did a good job of exploring expectations of women in a primarily toxic male dominated society. It was enough to provoke some self reflection on my part without taking away from the impact of the story.”

G. Passmore
“It’s not enough to be sorry for what you’ve done.”

Electric Press Literary Magazine

“Haunting and suspenseful…”

K. Gudeit
“Anastasia pulled her hands to her chest and the flower petals came together to form a tight cloud of colour.”

Electric Press Literary Magazine

“Left me wanting to hear more of the story.”

“They stood cheek to cheek for several minutes, listening to each other’s breath. Taking in the sensation of their bodies together.”

All of Me, All of You:
Book 1 of the Broken Circles Series
Transcendent Publishing

“This is a great contemporary book that touches on the taboo that may be more common than many let on. I appreciated finding pieces of myself in both main characters and enjoyed feeling torn between their struggles. I found this book realistic and bittersweet and highly recommend it!”

“…self-reflection leads us to a higher consciousness where we can fully give ourselves.”

Chapter 14: Acts of Unconditional Love:
The Peacemakers: Restoring Love in the World through Stories of Compassion and Wisdom
Compilation book from Transcendent Publishing

“Wow! Great book with even better messages! I highly recommend this book!”

C. Trulson
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